The Garden Pictorial


Welcome to The Garden Pictorial, a gallery designed to showcase the beautiful garden stories and captivating features by garden and location photographer Sarah Cuttle.  Every feature you see here is available for publication, and can be found under the appropriate season, with each one being represented by a selected gallery of images and a few words of introduction. 

You will probably notice a common theme running through The Garden Pictorial - that of the compact but unique garden.  Certainly influenced by her own bijou outdoor space in London, Sarah's fascination with small gardens took hold several years ago.  As inspiring as our larger gardens are, many of us have a more petite patch of land, and the challenges of a compact space seems to ignite the imagination of designers and owners alike.  Sarah loves the human stories behind these original spaces, and the paths that are taken to achieve complete horticultural contentment.

With a healthy mixture of research and weekend garden investigations, Sarah has uncovered some true horticultural gems.  From a suburban alpine enthusiast in Bedford, to a hillside plot overlooking the  Firth of Clyde, the images and stories found here will delight and inspire any garden enthusiast.

Every season Sarah will be bringing new and original stories to The Garden Pictorial, and if you would like to be kept informed about these latest additions, then please let us know here.

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about sarah

 A fifteen year career has taken her across the UK and Europe, working for many world class magazines and publishers.  During her travels, Sarah has had the privilege of meeting some brilliant and passionate garden designers, garden owners and horticultural enthusiasts.  She is a regular contributor to Gardeners' World magazine and is one of a handful of photographers who is lucky enough to work for the RHS at their Chelsea and Hampton Court Flower Shows. To see more of her work, please visit



"I've worked with Sarah for more than 10 years during my time at BBC Gardeners' World magazine - she's a superb photographer  who is creative, resourceful and great fun.  At ease with the highest profile names in the business, and not shy of getting stuck into the action on practical shoots, she's unflappable and dependable.  And of course Sarah's pictures are always beautiful and of exceptional quality - she's a joy to work with"  Kevin Smith, Deputy Editor at Gardeners' World magazine

"Sarah has a genuine passion for gardens, plants and the beauty of garden making, but also working with people.  Her photography shows this in all she does - whether it's a shoot that focuses on the people who've made the outdoor space, or the plants that happily grow there, we enjoy working with her and seeing the end result of her work" Chris Young, Editor at RHS The Garden magazine

"Torrential rain or blinding sunshine? Sarah tackles the challenges of garden photography with a cheerful snap of a diffuser and confident click of a clamp, solving problems with both professionalism and humour.  She works round my schedule, turns up on time, keeps her promise to supply images and of course, takes breathtaking photographs" Helen Riches, Garden Designer, Writer & Owner

"Of all the the photographers I've worked with, the year spent on our book has been the most pleasurable.  Sarah turned up every month, unfailingly cheerful, whatever the weather and whatever the subject matter, and turned out some really beautiful photographs.  She works very hard to get exactly the right shot that makes the most of the view, plant, dish or animal . . even my hens looked like stars" Francine Raymond, Garden Writer & Orpington enthusiast