The Garden Pictorial

The Artist's Garden, Walberswick

designed by owner helen riches

Set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Helen's garden was always going to be influenced by the natural environment that surrounded it.  Started in 2012, Helen found herself choosing the plants that she loved and seemed to reflect the spirit of the garden's coastal location - grasses like calamagrostis and ferns such as dryopteris.  Aquilegia, foxglove and valerian are encouraged to self seed and pop up randomly in surprising places, in contrast to dark purple phormium 'Platts Black' which makes a strong diagonal as they march across the garden.  Structure is given by the tall verticals of reclaimed beams dotted through the main bed, decorated with found objects from coastal walks with her faithful hound, Scout. Helen sees herself as a gardener first and foremost, then artist, garden designer and writer.  She uses the garden to run outdoor classes and it is also a big inspiration for her artwork.

Season: Summer
Location: Suffolk, UK
Credits: Helen Riches